Online & Social Media

Online & Social Media

A Better Online News and Social Media Monitoring Solution

Whether you need to monitor online news sources, corporate web sites, blogs, or social media sites, Cutaway Media provides the comprehensive Media Control Platform to manage all your hits.

Your audience is online getting their up to the minute news and discussing it through various social media channels. It is important to understand what is driving that discussion so that you can engage better with them. Cutaway Media understands that and provides you with the online news and social media monitoring along with service, tools and metrics to help you understand the discussion better and participate.

Cutaway Media using our proprietary capture network, this information is then provided to you how you need it or an easy to use Media Control platform gives you the ability to manage, report and archive your media, we provides you the flexibility you need by combining the industry’s deepest list of sources, exclusive report integration tools and a collaborative relationship with our clients, Cutaway Media delivers the critical business information you require from a business intelligence/competitive intelligence service. That gives you the ability to focus on your audience while we do the monitoring for you.


Integrated Solutions

Today’s media appears in many different forms. Cutaway Media gives you the ability to integrate TV and Radio with best in breed monitoring solutions for online news, social media and online print. Google alerts and your twitter feeds can be integrated so that you are able to receive single source reporting in multiple formats including Excel and Word, analysis and archiving. With Cutaway Media, it is all together for you.


Professional search strategies ensure the most accurate results

You can subscribe to regional, national, and international levels of service. Please call for a current quote if monitoring web and social media content is important to you. Social media and web content is the fastest growing component of public information. Don’t miss your online media exposure. We can even integrate all your online content into our Media Control Platform AND analyze it with your overall media exposure.


Managed Services

At Cutaway Media you get more than a self-service portal, you get the combined knowledge and media monitoring experience of an experienced staff to make sure that you get the best results quickly so that you can continue to build your reputation.  Cutaway Media also provides an intuitive easy to use portal that allows you to organize, archive and manage your media as you prefer.