Power Search

Power Search

On Demand 24/7

In conjunction with best in breed service and experts, Cutaway Media introduces Power Search.

Power Search is your virtual DVR providing search and filtered access to any available local and national broadcast & radio coverage. After selecting your results, you can easily import them directly into your media coverage folders.

Whether you are looking for news that just aired or need to look for news that appeared in 2002, Power Search provides the video, text, radio audio and reporting options you need.

Finding live segments is a breeze with our Program list.  Find your state, city and sources to see what programs aired on any given date.  You can search the text or view the broadcast all from Power Search.

Power Search provides you the ability to conduct full keyword text searches so that you can quickly see the news that you need while also giving you the ability to drill down to review an individual broadcast.

In addition, Power Search maintains full preview video and editing capabilities for a minimum of 60 days after airdate for all broadcast news.  This is double or more the length of availability of most other marketplace solutions.

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