TV Broadcast Radio Monitoring

TV Broadcast Radio Monitoring

A Better TV, Cable and Radio Monitoring Solution

Broadcast News on TV and Radio has the potential to influence large audiences. The video or audio you find on a station’s website is often different than what actually appeared in the broadcast. Cutaway Media understands that and provides you with the service, tools and deepest broadcast data set so that you know exactly what your audience is seeing and hearing.

Your new source for downloading the TV and radio news clips you need. City, State, Region, and Nationwide levels of media monitoring service are available. Most subscribers prefer to have Cutaway Media “push” their most recent news coverage to them each morning, with those results flowing into the industry’s most comprehensive Media Control Platform. Cutaway Media’s Media Control platform can integrate all your television, radio, web, social media and print hits in a single interface. From there you can manage and share your PR exposure.

As a member of News Data Service we have offices throughout the country capturing and indexing TV & Radio information from over 200 U.S. DMA’s in near real time. Local cable news networks, local radio, UHF Stations, digital stations, Spanish language stations, plus all of the National coverage is being captured and indexed daily. As a result, you can be confident that Cutaway Media is capturing and providing all of the national and local broadcast information you need when you need it.


Integrated Solutions

Today’s media appears in many different forms. Cutaway Media gives you the ability to integrate TV and Radio with best in breed monitoring solutions for online news, social media and online print. Google alerts and your twitter feeds can be integrated so that you are able to receive single source reportingin multiple formats including Excel and Word, analysis and archiving. With Cutaway Media, it is all together for you.

You can build customized reports from any combination of your media results simply click the stories you need then select the report options you want for viewing or sharing your results.  Your selections are clearly displayed in a logical format for Easy distribution and evaluation with the most powerful filtering capabilities in the media monitoring industry.  Our filter function lets you drill down to find the specific results you need within your overall coverage.  With Cutaway Media, it is all together for you.


Managed Services

At Cutaway Media you get more than a self-service Media Control platform, you get the combined knowledge and media monitoring experience of an experienced staff to make sure that you get the best results. In addition, we also provide the self-service portal that allows you to organize, archive and manage your media as you prefer.

From your private Media Control platform, you can review, analyze, and share the content you need to further your PR and communications efforts. Flat Fee preview video is available with all media monitoring services. All accounts include up to date Nielsen Audience figures, Ad Values, and Market Rank. Comprehensive Media Monitoring Analysis services can be performed on all broadcast coverage. Special media monitoring service pricing for multi-client/multi-topic Advertising, Public Relations and Government agencies. Ask about our “Legacy” Accounts



Cutaway Media has one of the deepest broadcast archives available in the industry. In addition to providing up to the minute information, Cutaway Media provides clients with Broadcast Monitoring text based data back to 2002 and can provide video segments going back to 2006 for Spokane, 2008 for the Tri-Cities/Yakima Markets and 60 plus days for all other markets!


Digital Clip Delivery Service

Cutaway Media empowering the professional with our web based Media Control platform for sending all of your data in one place by selecting the “Edit by preview” clip option from your media coverage page where you can create simple start and end points which allow you to quickly save edited stories in your permanent archive.  This editing interface lets you view, edit and save your segments in a variety of desktop and mobile ready formats.  Your edited Clips are available almost immediately after editing within your personal media archive.  You can securely play, share or download your edited broadcast segments when viewing your results.   These digital files are available to edit in a wide variety of formats including options for HD, low and high resolutions: .wmv, .mov and mpeg2.


Comprehensive Media Analysis Solutions

You’ve earned your placements and gathered the coverage. Now you need to demonstrate that success and what this means to ROI.

Because you’ve used Cutaway Media for your media monitoring, you know that you have all of your placements. Now Cutaway Media does the heavy lifting for you.


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